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Advanced Psych Care

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ADD Center
Psychological Testing
Divorce Mediation
Biofeedback, Hypnosis and Relaxation Training
Depression, Anxiety, and OCD
Pain Management
Nutritional Supplementation
Tapes and CDs
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Dr. Richardson's CD's and Casette Tapes are available for $10.00
Meditation and Body Scan This recording is helpful for relaxation training, pain management. anxiety reduction, and depression alleviation.  The 30 minute meditation recording has a "mindfulness meditation" format, while the body scan recording is especially helpful in pain management and sleep initiation.
Eliminating Panic Panic attacks can be eliminated by stopping them before they start, and this recording tells you how you can do it.  This recording also has 30 minutes of "visualization" of peaceful scenes which can help to alleviate anxiety.
Recovery from Depression Depression stems from the loss of life's momentum, and this recording tells you how to get moving again to feel better, and quicker than even medication can accomplish.
Overcoming OCD This recording is a companion to Dr. Richardson's Overcoming OCD patient education handout that you can download for free from this website.  The handout and the CD together comprise a complete, systematized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program to decrease and control the symptoms of OCD with or without medication.
If you would like to order any of these recordings, please contact Dr. Richardson at Advanced Psych Care.